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Who We Are


Enchanted Backpack is a 501(c)(3) organization started by the Lavin Family Foundation. The Lavin Family Foundation was created over 50 years ago by the family that founded the Alberto Culver Company to fund groups working in health care, education and programs designed to better family life. Today the Foundation, directed by the second and third family generations under the banner of “Innovative Philanthropy at Work”, has continued and deepened that focus while creating new, entrepreneurial initiatives that extend its passion and reach beyond traditional funding channels. Other examples of their innovative practices are exemplified through the CAST Water Safety Foundation and CC's Wish List.

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The CAST Water Safety Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission of creating safer swimmers sooner. So many people do not know that drowning is the leading cause of death for kids ages 1-4 and CAST is dedicated to empowering families through educations, increasing awareness of this nation-wide issue and safeguarding children with self-rescue swim skills. CAST has supported the training of over a dozen Chicago-area self-rescue instructors who together have taught over thousands of children to swim, float, and self-rescue. CAST provides self-rescue swim lesson scholarships to children of nurses, teachers, first responders, the military, social workers, children with physical disabilities and special needs, families with income-based needs and more.

To learn more, visit CAST Water Safety Foundation or conatct Liz Huber, Founder & President, at


CC's Wish List is a unique program that leverages decades of experience in corporate buying to purchase brand-new, quality items at incredibly low prices that are then DONATED to nonprofit organizations with no strings attached.   

Due to the quantities purchased at unbelievably low costs (far below wholesale prices), CC's Wish List is able to stretch its dollars for greater philanthropic impact. 

To learn more visit

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